Friday, August 24, 2007

August Update

What a month! August has been a little wild--we had our trip to Arkansas, Abigail was sick with a throat virus for about 2 weeks, I worked a little, my family came to visit, and at the peak of all of this, our air conditioning broke last week during the hottest week of the summer. My Mom was in town to watch Abigail so I could work last week and on their first afternoon together, the A/C broke. It took the entire week to get our new A/C--thankfully our warrenty payed for it---so we spent the week just trying to stay cool. I was getting ready for work one morning at 5:30 a.m. and it was still 90 degrees in our home--Yuck! So I am so thankful to be sitting in our cool house today. Here is just some fun new pics of our little squirt!

Abigail and her best friend Macie ( well, some day anyways!). They were dressed alike at church with their purple gingham. Yep, I still don't know how to rotate!

Playing in the water fountain when Aunt Jamie was in town to visit. Any place to eat with a fountain is a good place to be for us right now. She was all full of chips and guacamole, and Jamie fed her lots of queso too. She's a little Texas baby.

Playing with Aunt "Mamie". Jamie only gets 4 days off a month with her residency and she came to visit us while using them all. Had a blast as always. We had a successful trip to Sam Moon---Jennifer you should have been with us:) My parents came to visit also. Abigail calls my dad "Bop" and they are pretty big buds. My Dad is very high energy, so we think Abigail is just drawn to him since she is a fast paced mover girl. She likes to be with him, because he doesn't want to stay in one place either just like her:)

I never even think to put Abigail in this type of cart when we go to the store, but apparantly Colby's been doing it for a while when he goes with Abigail. And, she loves it! He started to put her in and I said " No, Colby--she's too little for that!" I was wrong! She keeps her hands on the wheel almost the entire time we're in the store.

Colby's Reunion

We went to Fayetteville a couple of weeks ago for Colby's 10 year HS reunion. We had fun romping around Fayetteville like high schoolers again. Thanks to Nana Barb and Aunt Hannah, who watched Abigail for us Friday and Saturday night.
We had a family picnic Saturday afternoon. Abigail fell and got her first busted lip:(
Colby, Abigail and I went to downtown Fayetteville before the picnic. It is one of my favorite little "downtowns". They have a farmers market every Sat and this fountain that all of the kids are aloud to play in. Abigail had so much fun--she's a little water baby. She says the word "water" as clear as day---no kidding. Our pediatrician was shocked!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Favorite Things

She may be little, but this girl knows what she wants. I seem to hear that a lot from friends with little girls lately. I've taught Abigail some sign language to ease some of the frustration of trying to tell me things that she REALLY wants! I've taught her "more", "down", "all done", and a couple of others. The three that I listed are the ones that she is most motivated to do. She signs "more" with so much feeling it cracks us up. She wants "more" of that really bad Mama! And the "more" sign means more food, more toys, more flags to look at on the side of the road; pretty much anything she's wanting at the time, but it's made things a lot easier at our house. So, here is one thing Abigail likes "more" of---her couch! We know it doesn't really go with the decor, but Abigail loves this couch. She climbs all over it, leans back when it's getting close to rest time, and stacks toys on the seat. Hours of fun right here!
Fresh, from the market, sweet corn on the cob. She actually gets some little kernals off of there. Loves it!
And most of all, making this face!! What to do??!! I haven't learned sign language for "please don't give Mama dirty looks Abigail!!" Hilarious