Saturday, March 15, 2008

Easter party

Abigail had an Easter egg hunt today at school and had so much fun. This is her new "cheese" face! I think Aunt Jamie taught her that:)

Our little getaway!

Ah! The good life!! Colby and I went to Cancun in February and had an amazing time. It was just perfect. We needed a vacation so badly--it's been a winter full of sickness at our house, so it was such a treat to go to sunny Mexico. What made it even more amazing is that our friends, Jeff and Ashley Ivy took us!!! Ashley is one of my best friends from hygiene school in Dallas and she recently moved to Amarillo, so we are missing each other and had fun reuniting at the beach. We literally grabbed seats by the pool or beach in the morning and proceeded to SIT all day with breaks for guacamole or drinks! WONDERFUL! Abigail had a vacation too at my Mom's in Kansas City and was good and spoiled by the time I got there--I loved it:)

Us and the Ivy's!! We didn't want to leave--it was just perfect there. We were ready to see our little Abigail. She told everyone we were in Mexico and I think some strangers were a little concerned about where this childs parents had taken off to. Now, whenever Abigail is headed off in another direction of where Colby and I are walking, I'll say "Abigail, where are you going?" She'll yell "Mexeeeco"!! Poor thing!:)

My sweet and wild friend Ashley at our amazing hotel. I was a little nervous to eat the food there and drink stuff--not Ashley. She was drinking the water as soon as we got there and wasn't concerned a bit. I was drinking it too by the time I left and we were fine. It was just sooo relaxing, and I recommend it to all you new Moms out there. What a rejuvination for us!!