Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bigger Bows

As Abigail gets bigger, her bows seem to as well! I love it--the bigger the better as far as I'm concerned on little girls. My Mom gave this bow to me at my baby shower for when Abigail was bigger--well, she's definitely bigger. She has grown so much. Here's our front yard, and one of our favorite hangouts. When she gets up from her afternoon nap, we head outside and play almost until Colby gets home. She loves digging in the dirt and even approached me the other day with a worm wriggling in her hand--lovely! We have great neighbors with little kids too and we all kind of coral in the streets after naptime--it's great.

Little silly face!

I found this great petting zoo practically in the middle of the city. We had a blast and just love doing stuff like this. Abigail would say "here little goaty, come here".

These are the "barrel rides" for kids which she just loved. We were so proud of her--we weren't sure what the reaction would be. We thought she might be too little to ride, but she really, really wanted to go on the "choo choo train ride" she said. She was waving good-bye to us the whole time. I don't think she would have minded if the ride left the parking lot, she was ready to go wherever this thing was taking her! When they drove away she said "Mommy, watch this". She loves saying that to everyone. She is saying several word sentences now. She's got a lot to say!