Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Abigail's 2!!

Our little Abigail is two!! What a fun celebration we had on her birthday weekend. My Mom flew into town, and Jamie and Jake surprised us and were able to come too. It was such a special time for Abigail. She was pretty excited about her party and said she wanted "cake" for her birthday. She really is such a ham, and is constantly doing things that really surprise us.
With Aunt Jamie and her balloons getting ready for her party.

With Nanni! It's hard to see in this picture, but my Mom gave Abigail a very special gift this year. She had a necklace made for her from one of her gold heart earings. So, they have matching necklaces. She kept it on for the entire party. And when she noticed it, she said "heart!". "Heart in Abigail's tummy (close!) and Jesus lives in Abby's heart". My cup overflows...

We had a hot dog BBQ and cupcakes. It was a whole cupcake theme!

One of her presents...her little table. We're out here literally everyday. I also got her a haindpainted play kitchen that she loves. It was so much fun giving her that this year.

My big girl! I'm so proud of you Abigail.

I let the kids decorate their own cupcakes, but Abigail had a better plan....just go straight to the mouth!!

Opening presents....she had so much fun and did suprsingly well with all the kids around her trying to open her presents. We had a good time.


Abigail at two:
1. You love to talk, talk, talk. You can literally say everything, and you say it with such purpose. You're not just babbling, you're wanting to have conversations. Last night I told you we had to get in the car to meet Daddy for supper, and as you were walking out the door, you said "How about McDonalds Mommy?" just as clear as I would. I was stunned and was just speechless.
2. You know directions. If we're headed home and I turn off to run another errand, you say "Wrong way Mommy. That way, THAT WAY!!!" You know the way home, to church, to your friends house, the grocery store, the mall, and most importantly Chick-fil-A.
3. You love your dot paints.
4. You want to "dig in dirt" every day and we do! You help me water the flowers too.
5. You love your swing in the back yard....daily! We also go to the park a couple times a week.
6. You love water....waterfalls, pools, bathtime, creeks. You would dive straight it if I would let you.
7. You say please and thank you without me prompting you and that means so much to me.
8. You're the busiest little person I've ever seen....even busier than Bop!
9. You say "Good morning Mommy, good morning Daddy" when it's time to get up.
10. You love animals, especially puppies and horsies. You don't mind when little puppies jump all over you and try to give you kisses. You would love for us to have one!!
My heart swells with pride for you Abigail. You are the most important thing to your Daddy and I, and we pray that you grow to be a Christian woman with Christ in your heart and love in your actions. Love, love, love, Mommy