Thursday, July 19, 2007

Day at the Farm

We had the best time at this children's farmstead park near Kansas City. The best part was that is was free! Abigail LOVES animals, so she was so happy there. They had lots of wild animals, and little petting zoo areas. They even had a little fishing hole, and pony rides. This picture of Abigail and Kole is dark, but they just look so cute together. Abigail literally is at his heels 24/7. She copies everything he does; and he's so gentle with her and just kind of stares at her like a true guy, as if to say " what is up with her?!" Kole keeps all of his toys in a little pile and carries them around, so Abigail won't take them. She knows exactly which ones are his too, the ones she cannot take, and goes straight for them. So, it was nice to catch a sitting still moment with them.
Abigail is not afraid of animals at all, which I get a kick out of. She just walks right up to dogs, goats, whatever, and would pet all over their face if I would let her. She loved these little goats--they were just her size.
Kole, Abigail and I enjoying the farm.

We were able to buy a bottle of goat milk to feed the little baby goats! This was our favorite.

And here is "fearless" Abigail feeding the goat herself! Although, she got a little confused and attempted to drink the bottle thinking it was her own bottle. That was a little difficult to explain, but ultimately, she shared with the goat!
What fun to watch our little girl enjoy things in the world and having little first experiences like this one!

To Grandmother's House We Go

Abigail and I just got back from a 10 day trip to Kansas City to spend time with my family. My whole family lives there, so we go stay for a while and pretend we actually live there! Abigail just jumps right in with this crew, and she just knows she's comfortable there. Abigail and I flew up and then Colby came and stayed a couple of days and flew back with us. We fly by ourselves usually, but it's a million times easier with some help. Somebody's drink always ends up in some lap, and unfortunately for the guy next to us, it was his lap! Whoops!!

One of the first things on our agenda (besides Kole's pirate 3rd birthday!), was meeting my Grandma Betty in her little town for lunch at her house. We played in the park before to play. She had little tables for the kids and made it so special for us. She's a mover and a shaker, and still plays with these babies. Special memories for us last week.
Grandma Betty, my mom, Jack, Abigail and Kole at the park. Kole had picked flowers for everyone.