Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Okay, I have one excuse anyways for not updating my blog very well. We actually had a fire last week at our house. My oven literally exploded with us in the house!!!! I was using my oven to cook Abigail and I some toast for breakfast. I noticed a funny smell, but wasn't too concerned about it. We sat down at our table which is RIGHT next to our oven and it started popping really loudly. I jumped up and suddenly, huge clouds of black smoke came from the back of it, and then flames and sparks pouring out of it. I pressed the "fire" button on my alarm system and picked Abigail up who was pretty upset by now. I grabbed a jacket for her and ran out to wait on the firemen! Abigail absolutely loved the firetruck roaring up our street. It was definitely a highlight of her little life! They cleared the house of danger but we were left with quite a mess. There was soot everywhere, even inside my cabinets in sippy cups! We had a fire cleaning crew here for a whole day cleaning carpets, curtains, washing all of my dishes. We've got a burnt floor which we'll have to replace. The damage was pretty minor considering the size of the fire--but most of all, we are thankful we are alright. Abigail and could have been hurt very badly--I had just stepped away from the oven. My face and feet would have been badly burned. I was pretty shaken up! There was some incorrect wiring during installation. So, I'm waiting for my new oven to arrive and Abigails enjoying eating out. We stayed at a hotel for a couple of days and we were able to swim too. We're definitely proof to have some good insurance.


Julie said...

First, I'm so glad you're okay!! I'm so sorry about the fire! I love all the new pics! My fav has to be Colby and Abigail in their pjs! We miss you guys!!!!!

jkbaber said...

Oh, I am so glad y'all are okay. How scary. It sounds like you knew just what to do when you pushed the fire button and ran out of the house. I love all the updates! It looks like y'all had a great Christmas and New year. I still haven't put our Christmas pictures on my blog. I may just wait and have a Christmas in July post. :o)

Varners said...

I still can't believe y'alls oven blew up! I'm so glad everyone is okay. I'm glad you are posting again. Hopefully this summer we can get the girls together for a playdate!

Tad and Michelle said...

Hi Emily,
Glad you all are okay. I found your blog through Julie. I love catching up on your blog and seeing pictures of your family. We missed you guys at Homecoming. Julie had mentioned you were trying to make it. Take Care
Michelle (Ford) Morris