Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Christmas Day!

My parents flew in to spend Christmas with us in Dallas. It was so fun having them here with us. My Mom and I made a complete Christmas dinner---okay, mostly my Mom, but I was her 1st assistant. Our turkey turned out great.
Okay, this pie is from Thanksgiving, but I had to show my Mom. This was my first homemade pie to make. My Mom makes most things from scratch, but especially pies. I'm trying to learn her craft so I can pass it on to my kids as well. I was kind of proud of my pie:)
Colby surprised us all with footie jammies just like Abigails on Christmas morning. Hilarious!!

I got Abigail a little stroller for her babies that she just loves. It goes everywhere now. We also bought her 2 goldfish--which had disastrous results!! We picked out 2 really cute goldfish and bought this nice tank to put them in. 24 hours later they were sucked up in the filter, very dead looking. We just scratched that whole idea. Needless to say, we're not buying her a puppy any time soon:)

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